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What is Madison?

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When you visit Madison.Beauty, you will be treated only by the trusty professionals. No matter what you have asked for: a haircut, manicure, styling or make-up. Everything is top notch here. Our staff do not follow beauty-trends, but creates them. Once you choose us, you will never go back to an average beauty salon. Madison.Beauty is your final choice!
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What is a good coffee? It should be tasty and invigorating, while the time is flying by when you are drinking it. These are the three main qualities we promote at Madison.Coffee. Grains, grinding, micro-lobes and Specialty is better to leave for a barista. Order your drink and enjoy the company of its aroma and taste.
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At Madison.Bar you can always relax, enjoy delicious cocktails and a nice talk. With unique recipes, alcohol for any taste and bartenders who exactly know what you want, Madison.Bar will shortly become your favourite place.


▪️BEAUTY - 10:00 - 21:00
▪️COFFEE & BAR - 8:30 - 00:00 (FRI/SAT - 02:00)
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